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The Impossible was Possible - Priscilla Lucero

Treatment Left Mastectomy Radiotherapy Hormone Therapy

Right Mastectomy Chemotherapy Herceptin

I am a Philippines national, a two - time breast cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed with a stage II left breast cancer in September 2005. I was shocked , devastated by the horrible news, scared, confused. I had a left mastectomy followed by six weeks (28 days) of radiotherapy and started a five-years hormone therapy.

After three years of regular follow-up at the Kuwait Cancer Center, in January 2009, my attending physician diagnosed a right breast cancer. Because the tumor was at an advanced stage (stage III) I underwent a right mastectomy. Then I was prescribed six rounds of chemotherapy and a novel very expensive drug "Herceptin" to be taken I.V. every three weeks for one year. I supported two major surgeries procedures three years apart to be cured but how would I buy such so horrendously expensive lifesaving drug!

I was desperate, I began my painstaking journey approaching several social services in Kuwait to ask for financial support, but with sorrow and disappointment, I was declined due to the amount of money I would need. My last hope was "Hayatt", a well know cancer charity foundation. Dr. Labiba Temmim, the medical advisor of the foundation received me immediately, listened to my problems, comforted me and reassured me and more importantly she promised to find a solution to my problem. Her much anticipated call came finally sooner than expected, you may imagine my joy and excitement when she broke the good news that Hayatt would support me and that I do not have to worry anymore about the financial burden of getting my Herceptin. I was ecstatic that Hayatt would sponsor my entire treatment for one year. I was so thankful and grateful for this wonderful relieving news. Hayat is my life savior and is a huge help not just for me but to all the people who need help and support to get the much needed expensive treatment...

To Dr. Labiba Temmim , to Hayatt board members and particularly to Hayatt founder Mrs. Ruqaya Abdulwahab Alqatami , THANK YOU so much for all the continuous help you have given to me , to my family and to all other patients. You never stop extending your full support toward me until now, long after I have finished my treatment. I really appreciate it with all my heart. YOU ARE AWESOME. God Bless you all.

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