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Keeping Head Up - Masha Kolyada

1. I was enjoying a wonderful expat life in Kuwait until the summer holiday in Denmark where on July 4th 2009; I found a lump in the left breast after a routine self-examination under the shower. It wasn't a shock; there is so much educating literature everywhere. The lumpectomy was performed shortly after. But I got goose bumps when 2 more lumps in the lymph system were found a month later. Obviously, time was against me! So, I was literary counting days for the treatment to start!
2. The first "red" chemo was scheduled on 12 November 2009. The Treatment is challenging, especially when the immediate family is far away to support .The photo on the left is the last with the "old" hair taken on November 14. I was pulled out of bed to attend the bazaar - no need to waist time feeling sorry for you. The hair started falling out by the end of the first week. Since I knew this was to happen, I asked a friend to simply chop it all off with a hair trimming machine! Luckily, another friend had just passed by with 50 beautiful shawls and a few hats especially for me!

3. Must admit - it would have been impossible to go through 8 chemo's, followed by a month of radiation and a year of Herceptin drops without constant help of friends & family in Kuwait and abroad! I just could not fail them!
4. Everyone encouraged me to get a hobby - mine was photography, I really enjoyed going to the Kuwait desert.  
5. It was an honor to participate in the First HAYATT Patients Annual Forum in March 2010 and present the collage below, from my exploratory trips of the Kuwait desert, to such generous foundation. I appreciate the chance to live the life the Foundation so generously gave me!
6. Hair started growing as soon as the chemo treatment was over. The photo below was taken on 26 April 2010 when the support group made me takes, off the scarf!
7. Last Herceptin was on 3 Feb 2011. On the day the port-a-cath was removed. There were pupils walking through all the wards supporting patients they were so touching! Glad the treatment is over. Was it difficult and hard, yes! Was it worth it, yes, yes, yes!

To have all those numerous helping hands extended to me in Kuwait meant a lot! I am grateful to the generosity of the Kuwaiti people who have given donations on my behalf. It is truly a gift of life! May their kindness be rewarded!
8. Life continues... Hayatt's wink & message of hope... Meet Masha The star!
Masha our mascot dressed as a nurse in one of the hospitals of Kuwait while shooting an Egyptian movie, 27 Mai 2011 (three months after completion of her treatment)
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