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Amazing Generosity - Lisa Angela

Treatment Mastectomy Chemotherapy Herceptin

I am a Philippines national living in Kuwait since 1997. I am a two time breast cancer survivor. It is my privilege to share with you my long journey with breast cancer.

It was in 2003 , I was 36 years , when for the first time I noticed a small lump in my armpit close to my breast, I knew something was going on, unfortunately , I did not pay too much attention to it , too busy and excited preparing for the arrival of my sister from Philippines.

It was my sister who obliged me to seek a medical advice. In Kuwait I was advised to have a biopsy of this suspicious tumor and then treat accordingly. Because I was confused and frightened, my sister advised me to go back home to have another opinion. I was operated in Philippines of a breast cancer stage IIB followed by a six-month chemotherapy without radiation. After a year of remission, I went back to Kuwait in 2006, happy to go back "home" (I consider Kuwait my second home and thankful to God who has given me the opportunity to work here and experience the most astounding Kuwaiti culture.)

A follow-up visit, in April 2006, at the Kuwait Cancer Center confirmed the bad news, the cancer is back! I was devastated! I was frazzled not knowing whom to approach regarding my situation! My employers were very supportive and helpful; they advised me to be treated here in Kuwait and not to go back to Philippines.

I started my chemotherapy treatment at the cancer center, but was desperate because I could not afford to buy the much needed "HERCEPTIN" a very expensive new drug provided free only to Kuwaiti cancer patients and not to expatriate patients. I asked my doctor not to give it to me; he disagreed and contacted himself the doctor in charge of "Hayatt" for support. She accepted at once to help me resume my treatment without any delay. I was released because "Hayatt" charity fund sponsored me until I finished my one-year treatment.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the kind hearted people of Kuwait who never refused to extend their help, to the medical and nursing staff of the cancer center and especially to "Hayatt" who never stopped extending their full support ( financial and moral) toward me until now long after I have finished my treatment.

To Dr. Labiba Temmim, to Hayatt board members especially to Mrs. Ruqayah Abdulwahab Alqatami, a million thanks for the help you extend to me through the foundation. Without "Hayatt" full support I would not have been able to finish my treatment.

To all people behind "Hayatt" foundation, thank you for the love, amazing generosity and kindness, I am now able to continually enjoy life to the fullest. You have transformed my life and made possible the impossible treatment I could not afford and have. My deepest appreciation for all what you have done not only for me but for those who shared the love that you extended regardless of the nationality or religion.

Thank you for continuing to be present and morally supporting me. I am sure your entire endeavor will be rewarded by Allah.

On behalf of all patients you have supported or are supporting, THANK YOU for your tremendous generosity. May God Bless you

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