End of Treatment

Completing treatment is a significant milestone in a person's cancer journey. Many patients find that ringing a bell of celebration provides important closure. We encourage you to celebrate your victory in whatever manner works most appropriately for you as the end of treatment is, indeed, a huge accomplishment. Please know that every member of your care team joins with you in your joy.

The following poems express emotions felt by two of our former patients:

The Victory Bell

"V"ictory tolls the bell in many a sundry way,
"I"n the ringing of its message it has a lot to say,
"C"an we look ahead for what life really deals us,
"K"icking those nasty habits without even a cuss,
"I"into all walks of life, we travel many rocky roads,
"E"ach offering lots of obstacles and very heavy loads,
"H"appiness comes to us from way deep down inside,
"O"ften we do not even think about the other side,
"U"nderstanding that the truth will always prevail.
"F"inding that with our feelings we will overcome Hell,
"F"inally looking to Heaven for what all that it shall be,
Vickie Houff asked for a simple ode to be written by me

Richard E. Castleberry

Ringing Out

Ring this bell
Three Times well
A toll will clearly say,
"My treatment is done
This course is run,
And I am on my way!"

J.L. Kennington 11/00

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