Without your donations and your support, we would not have been able to provide assistance and medical aid to our patients.

Bank Account Number International Bank Account IBAN
Ahli United Bank - Kuwait 11581862 KW85BKME0000000000000011581862
Commercial Bank of Kuwait 0010641991100414010 KW03COMB0000 01064199 1100414010
National Bank of Kuwait 0800491250101 KW55NBOK0000000000001007733338
Gulf Bank - Kuwait 05074772 KW74GULB0000000000000005074772
Kuwait Finance House 011010607529 KW80KFH00000000000011010607529
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwai 0603741999001 KW52ABKK0000000000603741999001
Burgan Bank - Kuwait 2060373483 KW31BRGN0000000000002060373483
International Bank - Kuwait 11010154192 KW30KWIB0000000000011010154192
Bobyan Bank - Kuwait 00167479001 KW38BBYN0000000000000167479001
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